How to prepare for you headshot session

Dress for your profession

If you work in the medical field you may want to wear a lab coat; executives tend to wear a suit, creatives have more flexibility in what to wear.

Opt for some color instead of wearing a plain white or black jacket; you could add a colorful shirt underneath or wear a coat that compliments your hair and eyes.

Plan for hair cut’s or significant changes in appearance

Schedule these for a week ahead of time allowing yourself time to get used to the change before your session.

If you have a stylist you love, consider scheduling a wash & blow-out the morning of your session to give you that extra boost of confidence.

Plan your outfit in advance

Have clothing freshly dry cleaned and wrinkles steamed out of clothing. Lines can be very distracting and expensive to retouch so do your best to avoid this by taking a few moments to use a hot iron.

For variation, you may want to opt for an outfit change or two. If in doubt with what looks best, send some shots to the photographer or bring them along to the shoot.

Take extra care of yourself

Continue with your skin care routine or use additional lotion on face and neck if you are prone to dry skin.

Drinking lots of water and avoiding sugar before a session can help with skin clarity.

Get plenty of rest the evening before to avoid puffy eyes.


It’s normal to feel nervous before your session. A good photographer will know how to ease your nerves and help you relax. They will talk you through positioning your body and relaxing your face to get the images you want.

Be Positive

Your positivity evokes confidence from others and can help you feel confident as well.

Be ready to try different options. Be patient and kind to yourself. Getting the right shot is a process.