Preparing for your session


Coordinate colors but don't match. Gone are the days of everyone wearing  khaki pants and white shirts. Choose a color scheme based on your personality. A mix of solids and prints can look great. Bold colors can show an adventurous side, while natural colors like browns and creams or pastels would give off a calm, timeless feel. If you plan to purchase wall art you will want to choose your color palette based on your home's decor. Looking for inspiration? Check out my Pinterest page.  Laying out each member's outfit a week ahead of time is important. It not only allows you to make sure you have everything you need, but it also helps reduce last minute stress. By having everyone try-on their clothing ahead of time,  you can then make any necessary changes. No one want's to have their photo taken in something that is too small or uncomfortable. It pays to plan ahead. 

Schedule your session during a time when your family is most agreeable. It is best to plan around naps and mealtimes to avoid meltdowns. Even I know, it's hard to be happy when we are hungry or tired. This goes for adults too. Avoid planning a late night out the day before your session. Not only will you feel tired, but you will also appear that way. 

There is no need to offer children treats or rewards for good behavior, BEFORE the session. By doing this, you are putting the idea in their mind that this will be unpleasant. Sometimes these offers end up as a punishment/threat, which then causes extra stress. There is no need for this. We will keep it light and fun and it will be PLEASANT.  Instead, tell everyone that you meeting me to play and have some pictures taken. During the pre-consultation we will discuss a plan for your session. I love photographing families interacting and doing things together. These genuine moments are the ones that you will look back on to remember this time period in your life. We might plan a picnic or stop at a favorite ice cream shop as part of your session. Little things like these are great ways to make it a fun. Also, it's okay if they are being silly, I don't mind a bit. Remember a calm parent=calm children. It is certainly okay to reward them afterwards if you feel they've been extra good. :)

Don't ever say CHEESE unless you are talking about Brie, Gouda, Cheddar, etc! Forced smiles are not what you want to remember, it's the more genuine moments. I have a knack for gently coaxing smiles with my witty (or perhaps corny) sense of humor. As a mother of four, I know from experience, the kinds of things that get kids smiling, laughing, etc. 

Take time for yourself. There are a few ways you can help yourself feel confident in your photos. If you tend to suffer from dry skin, start applying lotion a week ahead. This will prevent cracking and peeling skin at your session. Specifically on the face and hands. Make sure nails are neatly trimmed and groomed. Blemishes! We all have gotten them at one time or another. Unfortunately, they sometimes sneak up on the day of or right before a photo session. These are very easy to edit in post production and it's completely okay since it's not a part of who you are. Ladies, an even layer of skin-matching foundation is better then lots and lots of concealer. If you suffer from acne or just want to be pampered prior to your session, set up an appointment with a make-up artist or ask me for recommendations. 

                                     I cant wait to work with you. Let's get this ball rolling! Just fill out the contact form below and I'll be in touch.

 Have a great day!